Creating Logos



•     Graphic files come in two formats: Vector or Bitmap.

•     Vector files are infinitely scalable (one-size-fits-all) but Bitmap files  are not.

              Enlarge a Vector file and the image remains clear and sharp.

              This format is used for logos.

              Common file extensions include: .ai; .eps; and sometimes .pdf

•     Bitmap files are NOT infinitely scalable.

              Enlarge a Bitmap file and they become pixelated (aka “pixelation” or “jaggies”).

             This format is used for photos.

              Common file extensions include:  .jpg;  .jpeg;  .bmp;  .tif;  .tiff

•     Different formats may display poorly and print differently.

•     To make matters even more interesting, both Vector and bitmap files can be saved as .eps files.

              Just because a file has .eps as its extension does not mean that it is a vector-based file.

•     For more info on bitmaps and vectors, visit the following link:



1.    Jpg (Bitmap) logos do not allow transparency and will become pixelated as the size increases.

2.    Vector EPS files may display poorly on the website, but the same file will print clearly.

3.    Vector-based PDFs are the best choice because they allow transparency and will not lose clarity and sharpness as they are resized.


PDF – the preferred format

PDF files created from vector-based artwork will result in a high-quality web display and print output.

1.    Create your logo using vector-based software (preferably Adobe Illustrator).

2.    Your document size must be the same size as your logo.

       •     Use Illustrator’s “Edit Artboard” command to resize your document.

       •     Document Setup > Edit Artboards

       •     Presets > Fit to Artboard Bounds

3.    Outline all fonts

       •     Select All

       •     Type > Create Outlines

4.    Save as PDF

       •     Select “Illustrator Default” setting.


EPS – a good format

1.    Create your logo using vector-based software (preferably Adobe Illustrator).

2.    Your document does not have to be the same size as your logo.

       •     Outline all fonts (note: this may slightly vary the weight of the font)

       •     Select All

       •     Type > Create Outlines

3.    Save as EPS

       •     3.1  If working in Windows, be sure to include an 8-bit TIFF Preview or your logo will only display as a gray box on the website. If working on a Mac, this preview will be created by default.


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