We can ship "door-to-door" if that's what you need. We make certain that your products arrive promptly and safely. We can ship to any continent, any country, any location in the world. You can rely on us to get your deliveries to you on time - with all the documentation required for customs and freight. This simplifies things for you.

We vigorously adhere to our Environmental Management System to reduce the carbon footprint of our production facilities and processes by making responsible choices in our plant investments.

We educate and influence our suppliers and our customers, and inculcate our staff on the value of environmental stewardship.

We are all concerned about our environment. How can you help?

1. Please specify responsible papers. Together we can improve the management of the world's production forests by using the purchasing power and influence of business to bring about change.

This gives a very positive image of your company, presenting itself to the world as a caring, responsible business. It also encourages others to adopt similar responsible purchasing practices, exponentially increasing the benefits and the rate of environment improvement.

2. Order less printing! This sounds unusual for a printer to recommend, but we really should change the wasteful practices of the past. On average, 30% of marketing print is just thrown away in the bin without ever being used. New digital technology makes it more economical to print less quantities and then just reorder when you need more. We can print what you need, when you need it. On demand, in precise quantities, and just in time – helping both the environment and your bottom line.

3. Print less again, but this time through better management of your mailings and effective use of your data. Personalized printing and precision marketing has been proven to dramatically increase response rates and reduce waste.


See our Environmental Initiatives

From artisanal letterpress to bleeding-edge digital techniques; from one copy to one million copies; from postage stamps to building wraps – we have the flexibility and range to handle your requirements. Our customers expect brilliant solutions to their big, urgent, painful, and expensive problems and we will exploit every technical means at our disposal to delight them.

We are well aware that brands are attention-deprived and are always looking to be “in the moment.” We also know that speed to market is crucial to get first launch. Instead of ordering three times a year, brands want to be able to order 12, even 15 times a year. Small, yet very precise batches. Always fresh and always up to the minute. Graphics which is 6 months old is too stale.

With digital printing, these challenges can be easily and promptly addressed.


Our End-To-End Solutions

Just because a printer offers a service, doesn’t mean they have the equipment and the expertise to do it in their own shop. Many printers offer CTP plate setting, or digital printing, die cutting, laminating, or finishing services, but they may be outsourcing.

Therefore, your precious project must be transported to a second, third, or even multiple vendor locations. Costs will evidently increase and unexpected things usually happen in transit, resulting in delays.

With Nitto, your project does not leave our premises. We will be meticulously monitoring your job with critical eyes every step of the way -- every activity from creation to fulfillment, until everything is just flawless.

We will help you get the best Return on your Marketing Investment. When your customers win, you win, and when you succeed, we succeed as well.

The powerful combination of rapid turnaround, outstanding value, and impeccable quality is simply unbeatable. This is our customers' sweet spot.

It is the people in our company who guarantee our quality and our expertise. Our people's skills and reliability are the foundation and the pillars on which we build our success.

Passion and effective teamwork are what drive us forward to achieve innovative solutions and an impressive range of service. No matter how strong or how far-advanced your technology is, in the end, it is still the exacting skill sets, the care, and the sensitivities of the people that can make all the difference between just acceptable work and truly exceptional work.

The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that little "extra".

Capitalize on all the advantages of Digital printing – intense, vivid colors, high-resolution, and even 3-dimensional textures that you can actually sense.

  • We can print on more than 2,800 certified substrates, even synthetics and carton board.
  • With its seven color printing capability, we can print true spot colors covering 97% of the Pantone color range.
  • We can print white ink on dark or metallic substrates. Marvel at the phenomenal results!
  • We can do realistic, photo quality 6-colour printing with light cyan inks for natural-looking skies and light magenta for beautiful, enhanced skin tones.
  • Light black for very fine black and white photo nuances.
  • High-security jobs using invisible ink detectable only to UV light.
  • Micro text printing.
  • Printing over lamination films and stamping foils.
  • Printing over exotic PP films with digital UV enhancement for stunning metallic effects.

Challenge us with your most radical concepts!

Your direct mail piece or your packaging design will be ineffective if there is a lack of awesomeness in the first nanoseconds that the prospect decides what to do with your message. To engage or to bin?

Will it invite people to reach out and touch? Once people handle a product, they instantly feel a small sense of ownership and are more likely to purchase. The more access you can provide, the greater your opportunity for connecting with the customer.

Our proficiency in offset lithography and digital technology makes us supremely qualified to offer you extremely high-definition printing with very fine line screens, with the tightest tolerances, and the hardest, sharpest dots. We will be delighted to share all our knowledge and guide you to make your projects really stand out.


Research proves that 28% of the brain is involved in tactile processing. By far, touch is the most powerful of the 5 senses.

Your customers simply cannot resist but touch your product. The smile in their eyes mean that your print has paid off in captivating their precious attention span.

Dazzle, powered by Scodix UV digital enhancement technology and special polymers in combination with lustrous, metallic finishes, delivers arresting, sensual renditions.

Dazzle delivers stunning, fully digital three dimensional textures, patterns, embossing and metallic effects. It intensifies colors underneath the Scodix Sense like a lens.

This breakthrough enhancement process has been researched and proven to increase product engagement by 92% with 60% of the audience actually choosing to touch the product.

•  Highest gloss in the industry with 99 Gloss units (GU) and elevates elements to a maximum height of 250 microns and all in perfect register.

•  Brings a vibrant and tactile dimension to the graphic communications printed image, making print a much more memorable experience.

•  Different densities ranging from 1-100% and all in one pass.

•  Short run – as low as one copy

•  Minimal set-up cost

•  It is a green technology that reduces environmental impact, producing less waste and using less energy. Scodix Sense is both non-toxic and recyclable and releases no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The system does away with plates, molds, screens, hazardous chemicals and solvents.

•  Suitable for coated papers, polypropylene, and acetate.

•  Flexibility to embellish both digital and offset prints.

We could go on, but enough with the technology. What concerns you most are the positive results that it can bring to your customers.


Personalised Mail = Precision Marketing

Personalised mail resonates strongly with younger demographics, suggesting that marketers should include direct mail as part of their marketing strategy rather than look exclusively at online communication channels for this demographic.

For the last few years, it has been strongly touted that the best way to gain the attention of Gen Y was via social media. Every day, there are about 200 billion emails sent across the world. In Europe, each household receives an average of six direct mail pieces every week. And people are getting better and better at tuning them out because most of them are not relevant.

Studies have reported that Gen Yers enjoy receiving personalized mail above other communication channels for certain categories and positively respond to it. Intelligent and compelling personalised mail pieces will enjoy significant cut-through above the noise, confusion, and saturation of online communication for this age group and indeed all age groups.

If sales are important to you, we will help you build a creative direct mail campaign to dramatically improve the response rates of your multi-channel marketing program.

The unparalleled quality of HP Indigo can bring your creative designs into living, breathing colour and make them pop from the page and command attention where customer engagement is essential.


You can order a small trial run order and not have to worry about too much inventory.

This pilot campaign - you can call it a Precision Marketing “test drive” if you will, serves to demonstrate the lift in results that can be achieved through a Precision Marketing approach and arm the marketing staff with ammunition to gain budget for further campaigns.


Vibrant colors; no banding; Green technology – no odor, no health issues; scratch-resistant; durable; media versatility; cost saving.

Our products are environmentally sustainable. From procurement of materials, to print production, to display, dismounting, and eventual recycling and reuse into products that benefit the community and the environment.

Our Products:

  •       Point of purchase posters
  •       Point of sale displays
  •       Retail displays and signage
  •       Exhibition graphics
  •       Premium backlit displays
  •       Banners
  •       Decals
  •       Event and stage backdrops
  •       Floor graphics
  •       Premium Wall Coverings

Artwork Specifications for Large Format


High resolution files should be placed into layouts (please do not use low resolution positionals).
All fonts should be either supplied with the artwork or converted to paths (outlines). Please submit both screen and printer fonts and note that embedded fonts must also be supplied.
All objects must have overprint turned off.
If supplying artwork by email or ftp, please zip or stuff all art into one single folder and name appropriately (for example: Thanksgiving)


Please supply all art as CMYK, never RGB.
Provide color accurate proofs with your artwork.
Please inform us of any PMS colors that require matching.


Large Format Indoor:
Retail Indoor:  Please supply at 300 dpi at ¼ of final size.
Street Furniture: Please supply at 100 dpi at full size.


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